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Officer Lockstock – Brandon Harrington

Little Sally – Teghan Simon

Bobby Strong – Owen Whitham

Hope Cladwell – Candace Macan

Caldwell B. Cladwell – Tiernan Troyer

Penelope Pennywise – Autumn Hartshorn

Officer Barrel – Wyatt Suit

Mr. McQueen – Brandon Marshall

Senator Fipp – Trevor Shuffler

Old Man Strong – Tyler Lund

Josephine Strong – Logan DeBord

Hot Blades Harry – Casey Likes

Soupy Sue – Karla Quinones

Tiny Tom(Tina) – Lauryn Starke

Little Becky Two-Shoes – Sarah Houlton

Robby the Stockfish – Weston Scheck

Billy Bob Bill – Abby Porter

Mrs. Millennium – Raegan DeBord

Dr. Billeaux – Roch Croteau Jr

Cladwell’s Executives – Olivia Hull and Corina Hedahl

UGC Staff : Brennen Troyer, Penelope Thyne, Anna Avila, Levi Queen, Olivia Ockers, Britta Olson

Rebel Poor/ Policemen : Brandon Marshall, Trevor Shuffler, Tyler Lund, Logan DeBord, Casey Likes, Sarah Houlton, Karla Quinones, Lauryn Starke, Weston Scheck, Abby Porter, Raegan DeBord, Roch Croteau Jr, Olivia Hull, Corina Hedahl, Anna Avila, Nora Schutte, Levi Queen, Bailey Kleppe, Britta Olson, Olivia Ockers, Hunter Troyer, Brennen Troyer, Dani Flores, Taryn Thompson, Olivia Williams, Aaron Naylor, Nikki Lund, Morgan Suit, Lauren Harrington, Elliot Harrington, Camryn Harrington,  Penelope Thyne, Madi Emsing




  Spring Schedule 2018 April 16th – May 12th — 4 Week Session The fees stated include all 4 weeks. Your total balance is due the first day of classes. There will…

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Harrington Arts Alliance provides performing art productions for all ages, below are a variety of our past productions. In addition, check out our current classes being offered and our Improv…

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All students are charged an annual $25 registration fee (excluding Workshops). Register for classes here. There is NO costume fee. Students are encouraged to purchase an authentic HAA T-shirt ($15…

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