The Laramie Project

Congratulations to all that auditioned and gave of their time and talents.  Everyone cast has approximately the same number of lines and will get to delve into multiple characters.  With all actors on stage the entire show, your acting skills will be challenged and pushed to get the most out of each character you portray.  The Laramie Project presents an opportunity for each of you to have a meaningful experience presenting this event in history.  We are thrilled and excited to work with this cast to produce a powerful piece of theatre.  For the first cast meeting on Tuesday, September 5th at 5:30 PM sharp, please bring a #2 pencil and a highlighter. We will be handing out contracts and doing a read-thru of the script.

Please accept or decline your part by emailing: by 7pm Sunday, August 27th. It took a lot of time to divide up the parts evenly, so if for some reason you are unable to commit to the show please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you all, again.

Ashley Bradberry: Narrator A & Hallelujah Singer
Josh Blankenship: Narrator B
Cy Quinones – Actor 1   (Stephen Belber, Doc O’Connor, Matt Galloway, Bill McKinney, Andrew Gomez, Fred Phelps, Mormon Spiritual Advisor, Conrad Miller, Congregation)
Karla Quinones – Actress 2   (Eileen/Gil Engen, Marge Murray, Reporter, Foreperson, Newsperson 1, Governor, Kerry Drake, Juror 6, Congregation)
Kathryn Tracy – Actress 3   (Reggie Fluty, Rebecca Hilliker, Jen, Bailiff, Newsperson 2, Congregation)
Aaron Naylor – Actor 4   (Moises Kaufmann, Philip DuBois, Andy Paris, Stephen Johnson, Murdock Cooper, Dennis Shepard, Juror 5, Father Schmit/Priest, Shadow , Shannon)
Mackenzie Speer – Actor 5   (Jedediah Schultz, Juror 4, Doug Laws, Matt Mickelson, Aaron McKinney, Baptist Minister, Kerry Drake, Jeff Lockwood, Newsperson 4, Congregation, Hallelujah Singer)
Joseph Downs – Actor 6   (Sergeant Hing, Phil LaBrie, Detective Rob DeBree, Jonas Slonaker, Newsperson 4, Juror 3, Congregation)
Jen Likes – Actress 7   (Barbara Pitts, Catherine Connolly, April Silva,  Sherry Aaenonson, Lucy Thompson, Juror 2, Newsperson 5,Matthew’s Mom, Stephanie Johnson, Congregation)
Savannah Wood – Actress 8   (Leigh Fondakowski, Zackie Salmon, Alison Mears, Romaine Patterson, Tiffany Edwards, Harriet Woods, Baptist Minister’s Wife, Juror 1, Newsperson 3, Congregation)
Weston Scheck – Actor 9   (Cal Rerucha, Greg Pierotti, Russell Henderson, Jon Peacock, Aaron Kreifels, Congregation, Specialty Lyrical Dancer)
Lindsay Ranz – Actress 10  (Juror 6, Amanda Gronich, Judge 2, Allison Mears,, E-mail Writer, Sherry Johnson, Head Newsperson, Congregation, Specialty Lyrical Dancer)
Lexie Durnen – Actress 11  (Kristin Price, Waitress, Judge 1, Zubaida Ula, Trish Steger, Newsperson #5, Dr. Cantway, Rulon Stacey,  Anonymous Friend, Congregation)

READ THE FULL SCRIPT HERE : The Laramie Project Script


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