Dirty Work in High Places

Congratulations to the cast of “Dirty Work in High Places”.  Our first cast meeting will be Monday December 18th from 6:15-7:30 so I can give you your scripts and go over expectations.  I am working on ways to get you more stage time and everyone will get to speak, sing, dance, and be in ridiculous chase sequences.  I tried to spread the wealth, considering some performers were in both shows.  Please check both lists if you marked you wanted to be considered for both casts.  Because this is a show I didn’t write I will have to give you the scripts in person.  If you do not want to accept your role(s) please email me ASAP to let me know: brandonh@harringtonartsalliance.org
If you accept your part(s) then no need to reply.  It will be a swashbuckling good time!
Grimmes: Elliot Harrington
Little Saccharin: Kelsey Mettler
Dauntless Crusader:  Taryn Thompson
Grandpa: Natalia Brizuela-Wahlin
Grandma: Bryanna Campbell
Baby Bob: Alice Dailey
Baby Alice: Maddie Holloway
Ms. Shabby: Maya Shepard
Widow Aged: Alexa Daly
Widow Desperate: Sophia Haney
Ms. Yesperson: Jaycee McKeithen
Trickster:  Ty Bakker
Rotten:  Morgan Suit
Sly: Camryn Harrington
Madam Presidente/Ensemble: Gwen Gerken
Lady Stockholder/Ensemble:  Aspen Wood
Banana Girl/Student/Ensemble:  Abigail Williams
Banana Girl/Student/Ensemble:  Aleah Vogus
“Boo” and “Cheer” Mime:  Holly Pickard
Town Hobo/Fisherman/Little Saccharin’s Long-Lost Dad:  Dylan Jensen
Fisherwoman/Saccharin’s Long-Lost Mom/Ensemble:  Madeline Kross
Tourist/Undercover Policeman:  Anika Seter
Student #1/Ensemble:  Tennyson Grimditch
Student #2/Ensemble:  Taylor Pargree
Student #3/Ensemble:  Lance Seter

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