Upcoming Auditions

“Dirty Work in High Places” — Spring Children’s Production
December 2nd 9am-1pm
Ages 10-16
Rehearses Monday and Wednesday Beginning January 8th
Performances March 9th and 10th
Production Fee: $150 (or $250 total if in both kids productions)
Please download all audition info here: Dirty Work Audition Material
SYNOPSIS: “Dirty Work” is a high energy, romping, swashbuckling melodrama.  It’s complete with the dastardly villain, his meddling sidekicks, the undercover hero, the damsel in distress, and many cooky and silly characters.  The audiences will love the creepy love advances, heroic fight scenes, silly chase sequences, protests, conniving backstabbing treachery, and gruesome ends.  There will be some singing required, all to the tune of our on stage pianist Matt.  Audiences will be encouraged to play along and cheer for the hero and boo the villain. This will be a great chance for you to learn how to become a better character actor/actress and to learn the nuances of true comic timing.  Think outside the box because gender swapping roles is something I am looking to do.  Just shoot for your favorite part(s), regardless of gender.
“Wizard of ODD” — Spring Children’s Production
December 2nd 9am-1pm
Ages 4-12
Rehearses Monday and Wednesday Beginning January 8th
Performances March 23rd and 24th
Production Fee: $150 (or $250 total if in both kids productions)
Please download all audition info here: W.O.O. Audition Forms_Scenes
NOTE: If your child is unable to read the script for auditions but would still like a part you can either have them sing a one minute song (no music) or Brandon will have an improvised exercise for them.
SYNOPSIS: “Wizard of Odd” is a colorful journey and combines two iconic storylines; “Wizard of Oz” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  Follow Dorothy as she gets sucked into a candy world.  Taking on her new persona as Skittles and along with her dog Rolo (Toto) she meets Extreme Airhead (Scarecrow), the Jolly Rancher (Tinman), and Kit Kat (Lion).  They all help her to defeat Black Licorice (Wicked Witch) and return home with the help of Wizzy Wonka (The Wizard).  There are many fun candy themed characters and so many FUN dance  numbers!  Gummybears, Poprocks, Nerds….OH MY!
“Forever Young” — Outside the Box Players Winter Production
December 9th 9am-12pm
Rehearses Tuesday and Thursdays 5:30-8:00pm Beginning January 9th
Performances February 9th and 10th
Ages 14+
Production Fee: $100
Audition scenes and monologues can be found here: 4-Ever Young Audition Material 2018


“4-Ever Young” is probably the play that represents who I am the most as a director/person.  It celebrates the child in all of us!  The show skips around and captures the essence of childhood and the lessons we learn.  Some of the highlights include first day jitters, first crushes, getting dared to hug a girl, sleepover scene, dodgeball chaos, talent show fun, journal time, spelling bee blunders, music class, dealing with bullying, share time, and many more.  Actors/actresses will be required to access their inner child and rediscover their creativity, naivety, innocence, obliviousness, authenticity, and freedom without inhibition.  There will also be adult roles such as the principal, psycho PE teacher, neurotic choir teacher, supportive mom, and the classic loving and supportive classroom teacher.  You will also have an active say in your character, mannerisms, and costuming.  YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST!!!
-Brandon Harrington (Writer and Director)
“Spring Awakening” — Outside the Box Players Spring Production
December 9th 9am-1pm
Callbacks — December 11th 5:30-9:00pm
Rehearses Tuesday and Thursdays 5:30-8:00pm Beginning February 13th
Performances April 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st
Production Fee: $185
Actors must prepare a song from the show. There will be cold readings from the script as well.
Ages 16+ ONLY

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