Performing inspires confidence, not only on stage, but in everything you do

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Harrington Arts Alliance create community for all performers and families. Here, you are accepted for who you are

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At HAA, we celebrate our performers' success and encourage being all you can be

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We encourage creativity from all performers

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Committing to performances leads to commitment in other areas

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All of the performances at HAA are a collaborative effort. We believe building the team first is imperative for a strong foundation

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The HAA Improv Troupe brings laughter to a whole new level!

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All performers at HAA feel a connection to each other and our community

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We recognize the hard work each member contributes. They know they are an intregal part to everything

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We capture the incredible moments when our HAA family comes together to see the team at work

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Harrington Arts Alliance, a local non-profit, gives people of all ages the opportunity to explore their talents through many creative outlets: from musical theatre, acting classes to vocal lessons, from dance classes to art workshops, from learning how to audition to how to draw, from beginning improv to advanced improv troupes, from student showcases to full-scale productions in our 175 seat theatre and much more. To see what participating youth and families say about HAA click here.

When HAA first started the focus was on classes and growth in performing arts. Now we see the need is very different. Yes, we still offer classes and focus on performing arts, but HAA is truly about family. It’s all about finding a safe place for everyone and anyone to go. Here is a video that one of our dedicated HAA students, Satori Bahus-Meyer, presented to the Rotary Club in Loveland about Harrington Arts Alliance’s Founder Brandon Harrington: Heroes Among Us.

We have truly created a home-away-from-home for most of our actors. Serving ages 4 to 65, we pride ourselves on being welcoming, supportive and loving, regardless of age or circumstance.

Another one of our programs is our anti-bullying assembly. We are currently looking for funds to present our anti-bullying assembly through the Northern Colorado regions. Here is a link to our anti-bullying assembly, while being performed at one of the Thompson School District schools: Anti-Bullying Assembly. Thank you to Starstream Productions for doing this video for us.

Come and celebrate the arts in a nurturing community, where the focus is on the individual and the possibilities are endless. “All the world’s a STAGE…” See the Harrington Arts Alliance Promo Video!   Also check out our interview on Colorado and Company and our HAA tour video.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for our fall productions.

“The Laramie Project” Ages 13+
“Scroogie” Ages 9-16
“Frost-T, the Showman” Ages 5-12

Check out our auditions tab for more information.

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Runaways – Benefit Show – Sept. 29th and 30th at 7pm

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Fall Classes

Register for fall classes today. We are offering a variety in dance, acting and improv classes for ages 4-12.

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We are always adding productions and workshops to our schedule. Please use the Contact Us button to express your interest or to ask any questions.
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  • Lacey Baptista

    This year I had my birthday party hosted by Harrington Arts Alliance. A lot has changed in a year. Last year, I also had my birthday at Harrington but I had very few friends, little to no self esteem and I was sad. I invited 25 people last year and 3 showed up. This year, though, I had around 30 people AT my party! All very good friends of mine, all I met at Harrington. I felt so loved. One of them even wrote a song for me and played it on the ukulele. I'm so lucky to have the love and support of all these people. Harrington Arts Alliance isn't like a family, it is one.

  • Quotes

    These quotes are from Brandon Harrington's (Co-Owner and Head Teacher) High School English, Acting, and Speech students: “I learned more in a semester acting class with Mr. Harrington than I did in all my other year long classes combined.”- Rebecca “He taught me things I could never learn in a textbook.” - Francis “I learned to express myself during this year in ways I didn’t think I could.” – Russell “When you come into the class it’s like all your problems don’t even matter.” – Jasmine “If all the teachers were like radio stations, they’d be AM and he’d be FM.” – Nathalie “He makes each class period a new experience.” – Evan “A lot of times he’ll put the lesson in your hands and let you run with it.” – David

  • Cris Alsum

    Thanks for last night. What a wonderful evening! The girls enjoyed their classes so much and we look forward to more in the future. Thanks again. We are so glad to have found you guys! .

  • Jim and Marilyn Hilgenberg

    What a great addition the Harrington Arts Alliance and Harrington family have been to the Loveland community! Our son is passionate about theater and HAA has provided him with many opportunities to be on the stage and grow as a performer. The students and staff are all like one big family who work, have fun and support each other. .

  • Carolyn Vasiliauskas

    My son is taking a Hip Hop class with Mr. Brandon. He really enjoys the class, and I think dancing has given him more confidence in other areas of his life. He wants to audition for some plays now, which really surprised and excited me! I am very thankful for everyone at Harrington; they make my son feel great about himself and he has lots of fun, too.

  • Micaiah Vasiliauskas

    I am taking the Michael Jackson Hip Hop class with Mr. Brandon. It's AWESOME! He is a fun teacher.

  • Dena Dial

    I can't even tell you how much fun she had last week. She adores "Boo" and talks about him all the time. She told me that Boo is her "new favorite-est man in the whole entire universe!" I figured she'd enjoy this experience, but had no idea it would be this huge for her. Thanks so much. We'll see you tonight!

  • Carey Powell

    Enrolling our son, Adam, in Harrington has been the best thing we have ever done for him. He loves the classes and all of the instructors. He has the most amazing experiences at Harrington.

  • Kyla Suit

    Being a part of the HAA community has allowed my son to build his self-confidence, while also allowing him to explore different talents that he didn't know he liked or was even able to do. He has made many friends and has found that these new experiences are transferring into creative and critical thinking at school. Thank you for all you do!

  • Rosanna Houlton

    We love HAA! They Harringtons geniunely care about the students and their family, we feel they are part of our own family. Sarah started taking classes in July and I have seen tremendous growth in her singing and acting. We will continue to take classes at HAA and be a part of their productions!

Our Non-Profit

Our Dream

Our dream is for all adolescents and teens to be able to explore their creativity and individualism without judgment. Through our performing arts instruction and our mental health workshops, we strive to bring this dream to fruition in our community.

  Spring Schedule 2018 April 16th – May 12th — 4 Week Session The fees stated include all 4 weeks. Your total balance is due the first day of classes. There will…

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Harrington Arts Alliance provides performing art productions for all ages, below are a variety of our past productions. In addition, check out our current classes being offered and our Improv…

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All students are charged an annual $25 registration fee (excluding Workshops). Register for classes here. There is NO costume fee. Students are encouraged to purchase an authentic HAA T-shirt ($15…

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