HAA’s New Vision

The Harrington Arts Academy, LLC has served the Northern Colorado community for four years. Now as we make our transition to a nonprofit, it’s an ideal time to reflect on what the Harrington Arts Academy, LLC has accomplished over the past four years.


HAA’s Grand Opening 4 Years Ago

Blood, sweat and tears went into building our family business. Beginning in July of 2011 with only a small handful of students, we pushed through the scary and exhausting turbulent first year of business. We have grown more and more each year. As the years progressed, we realized the vision of HAA was changing with the needs of the students. When we first started HAA everything was focused on classes and growth in performing arts. Now we see that the need is very different. Yes, we still offer classes and focus on performing arts, but HAA is truly about family now. It’s all about finding a safe place for everyone and anyone to go.

We have created a home-away-from-home for most of our actors. Serving ages 4 to 65, we pride ourselves on being welcoming, supportive and loving, regardless of age or circumstance.

Our new name is Harrington Arts Alliance for Creative Personal Development.

Our new vision for HAA:

The nature, object and purposes of this corporation shall be to enhance and improve the overall psychological well-being of children and young adults in Loveland, Colorado, and surrounding areas, by striving to build confidence and self-esteem through creative outlets. With our anti-bullying assembly and on call therapist, we guide our students toward becoming well-rounded, self-confident members of our community. Something we strive to focus on is having a safe and creative environment for all of our students, which include group bonding activities, performances to showcase their personal growth, doing community events to encourage their self-confidence, check-in meetings where students can openly discuss their feelings and concerns, and workshops to help them develop in all areas of their lives.