For the Love of Shakespeare

We are thrilled about our summer production of “For the Love of Shakespeare”! Our first cast meeting will be Monday, July 10th from 3-5pm. Rehearsals are Monday-Thursday from 3-5pm. There is a production fee for this show, which is $150. If your kiddo is in our summer camp, their production fee is $100. Scripts, rehearsal schedules, costume details and contracts will be handed out the first day of rehearsal. All actors are cast in both shows, so please read the list in its entirety. Dances and songs will be added in-between scenes and acts to give actors more opportunity to be on stage. There will be two performances on July 28th and 29th at 7pm.

Thank you again for participating in this summer’s production of “For the Love of Shakespeare”!


Romeo and Juliet 

Lord Capulet: Ty Bakker

Lady Capulet: Lucy Randall

Juliet: Scarlett Austin

Nurse: Kailee Verdeyen

Tybalt: Zack Bakker

Sampson: Larisa Balster

Gregory: Meg Bakker

Lord Montague: Isaac Balsten

Lady Montague: Katrina Book

Romeo: Paul Westerfield

Benvolio: Elizabeth Westerfield

Abram: Aven Hernandez

Balthasar: Keegan Janice

Princess Escales: Aleena Gonzales

Mertucio: Aspen Eingstrom

Paris: Luke Hernandez

Friar Lawrence: Karlee Roberton  

Friar John: Chloe Alexander

Servants: McKayla Franklin, Jackie Manuel, Annika Book

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

Egeus: Isaac Balsten 

Theseus: Zack Bakker

Hippolyta: Kailee Verdeyen

Hermia: Aspen Eingstrom

Lysander: Luke Hernandez

Helena: Aleena Gonzales

Demetrius: Paul Westerfield

Oberon: Zack Bakker

Puck: Ty Bakker

Titania: Scarlett Austin

Peaseblosson: Jackie Manuel

Cobweb: Aven Hernandez

Moth: Annika Book

Mustardseed: McKayla Franklin

Quince: Chloe Alexander

Bottom: Elizabeth Westerfield

Flute: Lucy Randall

Snout: Keegan Janice

Starveline: Katrina Book

Snug: Meg Bakker

Fairies/Ensemble: Karlee Roberton & Larisa Balster


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