Brandon Harrington   –   Anti-Bullying Assembly

Anti-Bullying Assembly – Promo Video 


My “Take A Stand” assemblies are centered around the always prevalent topic of anti-bullying, conflict resolution, and the importance of self-expression. The presentation is powerful, engaging, sincere, and fun at the same time. Students love my assemblies because it gives them ways to solve tough situations and empowers them to confide in trusted adults.

I’ve been a performer, student, director, presenter, and teacher my whole life and my best attribute is the ability to relate to my students and my audiences. I can teach students the importance of empathy, social and self-awareness, acceptance. No one should define you but yourself.

Our Anti-Bullying Assemblies and Breakout Sessions

The presentations are geared towards different age groups and are adaptable and accessible. I have bigger performances but also can lead to smaller breakout sessions as a follow up. The breakout sessions provide a more thorough approach and opportunity to engage in student driven dialogue about these issues. Having these breakout sessions keeps the message fresh and in the forefront of their daily lives. Furthermore, they validate who they are, celebrate uniqueness and differences, teach them to be proactive and assertive instead of non-responsive or aggressive, to practice mindfulness and compassion for others, and to be an ‘upstander’ instead of a bystander.

I’m confident these impactful performances will assist counselors, teachers, and administrators in alleviating detrimental behaviors, and invigorate school spirit.

Specific Assembly Info

  • Flexible to different grade levels K-2, 3-5, 6-8
  • Flexible length 15, 25, 40 minutes (25 works best K-2 and 30-35 for 3-8th)
  • I’m a professional performer
  • It’s entertaining, fun, informative, powerful, sincere message, memorable
  • I’m both a CA and CO licensed teacher, credentialed
  • Energetic, charismatic, connect to audiences
  • Tie in celebrities they can relate to, self written anti-bullying rap, sing a song, fun game-show portion, audience involvement
  • Have a template for my remote control bully blocker for schools to copy (each kid could take with them)
  • Bring props, colorful portable set, costume pieces, visual aides, own sound system with cordless microphone
  • Supply take home forms to start the conversation between the parent and the child
  • Have a second followup assembly, builds off the first, can be done later in the year to keep the message fresh
  • It’s very affordable and a second followup assembly is discounted,  CALL FOR A QUOTE!

Administrator/Staff Testimonials

He kept students actively engaged, while giving them realistic, easy-to-use strategies to address bullying.  Students are still talking about his performance, and it has been a couple of months.

-Kendrick White – Principal at Big Thompson and Van Buren Elementary

Brandon provided our students with an energetic, hands-on experience that they will not soon forget; emphasizing the importance and dangers of bullying by teaching strategies, songs and methods that today’s kids can relate to.

-Stephanie Densborn – Faculty Assistant at Big Thompson Elementary

The students loved working with Brandon- he gained almost instant “celebrity status”  in the halls of Garfield.  The Bullyproofing Assembly was high energy and very engaging for the students.  Our school also had the opportunity for grade levels to work with Brandon on some different performance activities.  He was so flexible and easy to work with.

-Erin Scheck – Instructional Coach/Arts Integration at Garfield Elementary

Mr. Harrington’s presentation is full of energy, fun and humor that engages students of all ages.  His message about how to deal with bullies, and how not to be a bully is timely for all students, any time of year!

-Alyssa Johnson – Vice Principal at Zach Elementary 

Brandon partnered with one of our student leadership groups to produce a highly entertaining and engaging anti-bullying assembly.  Engaging an audience of approximately 300 8th graders is no small feat and Brandon was able to do that!

-Heather Dwelle – Counselor at Lucille Erwin Middle School

Brandon came to our school and rocked the house!  Brandon is like the piped piper. Kids love him and they stay engaged.  The staff and students were really impressed!

-Rosanna Houlton – Secretary at Lucille Erwin Middle School

I highly recommend Brandon as a speaker/entertainer for your school assembly. He is a great communicator to all ages, and knows how to keep his audience enthused and his message clear!

-Marcia Moellenberg – Librarian at Sarah Milner Elementary

Brandon presents the serious topic of bullying in a way that relates to teenagers.  The assembly presentation is motivating, energetic and dynamic. I would recommend Brandon Harrington to any school looking for a motivating school assembly.

-Susan Campagna – Counselor at Bill Reed Middle School

What a terrific assembly!  Brandon delivers a strong anti-bullying message in a highly engaging, fun and action-packed school assembly!

-Cheryl Cook – Principal at Garfield Elementary School

Brandon has been a wonderful asset to our school.  He has taught after school theater and dance workshops which culminated in student performances.  Our students loved it.  He has also presented an anti-bullying assembly for our entire middle school, which was very well received.  We look forward to Brandon doing a professional development workshop for our teachers this summer.

-Sandy Sawyer – LISA Coordinator at Bill Reed Middle School

Brandon presented an energetic show. Our students connected with him and the characters he played. The message was strong, and fit well with our PBiS and No Place For Hate campaigns.

-David C. Patterson – Principal at Cottonwood Plains Elementary

What Students Will Take Home:

  • What are some different types of bullying?  Prompt them with physical bullying (kicking, hitting, spitting, pushing), verbal bullying (name-calling, threats), cyber-bullying (Facebook, texting, email), and social/emotional bullying (spreading rumors).
  • What does P.M.P. stand for (Pause, Menu, Play)?  Have them show you their remote.  Have them explain pause (stop and think), menu (look at your options), play (act on the right choice).
  • What is a bystander?  What should they do when they see someone getting bullied?  Ask them what does it mean to “Take a stand”.  Who should they tell if they see someone being bullied?
  • We learned students are bullied or targeted for being different.  We also talked about our differences and our talents make us special and unique.  Ask them about the qualities they possess that make them special.  Also encourage them to explore outlets (drawing, sports, music, dance, etc).
  • How can they stop bullying?  They have to stop suffering in silence.  Ignoring the situation gives the bully the power to keep on bullying.  They have to speak up and tell you and tell an adult at their school.
  • Ask them to share with you a situation where they were bullied or experienced someone else they knew being bullied.  Relate to them with a story of your own so they don’t feel like they are alone.

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